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Spending time on his Grandfathers farm as a young boy, taught Michael the value of hard work and a love for the land. These are the classic, Midwest qualities that now serve him well as the owner and head of sales for Coulee Land Company.  For the past 16 years Michael has not only cultivated his love of the land through multiple hunting land management projects and real estate sales but also as an outdoors television photographer and producer he has worked with and built relationships with some of the best land managers, farmers, professional hunters and fisherman in the country.  He’s also grown a vast network of buyers who are ready and willing to purchase property in Western Wisconsin and Minnesota.  As a marketing professional Michael understands the use of the newest technology.  He’s an FAA certified video drone operator and has few peers when it comes to mapping and showcasing property through high-definition video production. His web-based marketing team is on the cutting-edge of in-your-face digital marketing combining heart-pumping video with a robust web site and timely, engaging social networking.  Still, even though Michael understands the importance of utilizing technology as a tool, he’ll never, ever forego the Midwest born-and-bred, personal touch of a face-to-face chat and a good strong handshake.

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