Ted Marum

Ted Marum


WI Real Estate Agent - Farm & Hunting Land Specialist


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Growing up in West Central WI I’ve lived the life most outdoor enthusiasts only dream of. My farming background has taught me the benefits of hard work, honesty and a never say die attitude when the job has to get done. It also fanned a flame inside me that still burns hot today. That flame is the love of all things outdoors. That led to me owning and operating 2 different outfitting business’s, buying and selling properties for investors in multiple states and managing recreational properties for a multitude of clients in 8 different states over the past 25 years. Many of those clients are some of my best friends to this day. My vast experience in the outdoor industry has created a unique skill set that will allow me to assist you in achieving all your goals as a buyer or a seller in the recreational land market. These experiences have also created a massive network of people through which I will be able to help market your properties. My wife Jennifer and I along with our four children Jordan, Logan, Addison and Teagan own and recreate on a farm in Buffalo County that we purchased from my Grandfather several years ago. From the time I was a little boy planting crops, throwing haybales, feeding livestock and milking cows I dreamed of owning this farm. Hours of hard work, determination and a very understanding wife allowed that dream to come true. As your agent I would love to assist you in helping those dreams become a reality for your family too.

God Bless, Ted Marum

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