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965 County Hwy SS
Chetek, WI  54728




45.345489 / -91.686785

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Commercial Properties

Mike Law: Broker / Owner


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Take the step, own a business, and be your own boss! Greenhouse for sale, included is the property along with the business entity "Tree Frogs LLC". This property is located just to the North of Chetek, WI. The business is successful, sustainable, and turnkey! Take advantage of the benefits of an already established business. It has been serving the community and surrounding area for the past 40 years, Tree Frogs Nursery has built a strong reputation and large client base throughout the region. Tree Frogs is a staple greenhouse in the area, but feel free to be creative and use this property for other potential business ventures.

Last year, operating for 5 months as a seasonal greenhouse, the annual sales were roughly $225,000. More information regarding past financials are available upon request. No inventory is included in the sale of the property or business.

Located on the property are 5 large greenhouses, pole shed, bunk house, and office/gift shop building.

Building Information:

(3) Greenhouses - Built 1980's - 26'x96' - Pipe Frame- Heated - Electric - Concrete Walk-Ways - One 1/2 Bathroom

Greenhouse - Built 2008 - 60'x72' - Electric Operated Lifting/Lowering Roof - Pipe Frame - Heated - Electric - Gravel Floor - with 12'x40' Lean-to

Greenhouse - Built 1970's - 20'x40' - Pipe Frame

Bunk House/Shed - Built 1950's - 18'x20' - Unfinished

Pole Shed - Built 1980's - 30'x46' - 1/2 Concrete

Main Building (used for gift shop/office) - Built 1970's - 22'x52'  1144 sq feet - 1/2 bathroom - Natural Gas Heat - 1 Story - No Basement

Well & Septic

*Sale of property must close after July 4th, 2022

*Other items for sale but not included in the Listing Price are: Pipe framing for a 30'x130' greenhouse, old tractor, & skid steer


NOTICE TO BUYERS: The information contained herein is provided as general information only and deemed reliable but the accuracy cannot be guaranteed. The information is provided without any guaranty, warranty or representation, expressed or implied, made by Coulee Land Company, or any related entity, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information. The information is presented subject to errors, omissions, change of price or conditions, prior sale or withdrawal without notice. Prospective purchasers should make their own investigations, projections and conclusions concerning the information.

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