Land Management

Land Management

This is where Coulee Land Company shines. Owner Mike Law specializes in making good hunting property better through various land management practices. Of course, this also means he can recognize hunting land that is already well-managed and the value of those management efforts. This also benefits the seller as he can present a property to a potential buyer and point out those positive attributes that come with the purchase of that property.

Using, in part, the practices of the Quality Deer Management Association, Mike Law can advise landowners on effective, multi-year land management practices, as well as do the work himself. These include; habitat restoration; planting trees, native grasses and food plots; creating water holes; and setting tree stands and blinds — the complete hunting farm setup. These efforts dramatically increase the value of any hunting land and both the buyer and the seller benefit.

We specialize in hunting land in the Buffalo County, Pepin County and other communities within the Lake Pepin area.

Whether you already own land, or you're a seller/buyer, you can tap into the extensive knowledge and experience that Coulee Land Company possesses in the field of land management. Contact Mike Law today.

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