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XX Co rd FF
Osseo, WI  54758




44.524344 / -91.151277

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AG / Tillable Land, Hunting

Mike Law: Broker / Owner


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Jackson County 171 acre located just south of Osseo WI. Great setup for hunting multiple locations/people, this piece will hunt bigger than 90% of the farms out there. Several overgrown Christmas tree "farms" (10-15 acre each), multiple crop fields, and blocks of timber make this a bed, food, bed, travel corridor, food, bedding setup! The "hunt ability" for several wind location sets, multiple access routs, with plenty of room for more food plots make this farm a DYNAMITE setup!

The the wind storm we had this winter (after the thaw) took down some of the trees. The landowner had a logger clean up what he could, (still some cleanup left) which was a blessing in many ways on this farm. The timber was mature and needed cut. The blow downs and logging has created an incredible opportunity for the new landowner. This property will be THE bedding / rut destination in the neighborhood! As the re gen trees start to come back, the stem count will go through the roof!

The thermal cover this piece has VS the surrounding neighbors is second to none! You will HOLD deer all year on this piece! 

The property has 5 ponds and the one larger one (12 ft deep), that does hold some fish! 

45-50 acre of tillable

40 acre of Christmas trees. 5 acre of new plantings, one piece PRIME for harvest and produces good income for the landowner.

With a little TLC, sound management, this will be a big deer producing farm year after year!  


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