Deer Park 83 (Sold)




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XX 220th ave
Deer Park, WI  54007


Saint Croix


45.207294 / -92.360222

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Mike Law: Broker / Owner


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Offered for the first time in 43 years, 83 acre located on the St. Croix county line north east of Deer Park WI. This northern parcel consists of 55 acre that had been enrolled in CRP which can be re enrolled ($3850 +/-) or be reclaimed and put back in to tillable production. The remaining acreage is good timber with a big stand of red pine that will become marketable timber in a few years. 

The hunting on this property has been dynamite! The deer numbers on this farm are way higher because of the amount of grasslands! I found deer beds EVERY place I went around the land, in the TALL grasses, thickets, grass/brush edges, jack pine timber, you name it, I found a lot of sign. The diversity of habitat on this property makes it one of the better hunting farms in the neighborhood. It will HOLD deer when they vacate other neighboring farms due to pressure, weather etc. If the new owner added a few pockets of food plots, you would have the perfect setup!  

Combine this 83 and the southern 80 and you'll have a dream property! 

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