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Land. It is the most finite thing on this Earth. Only so much exists and no more is being produced. This reality creates value and establishes cost. And because both these factors are ever-increasing, it makes the ownership of land a solid investment. That is especially true when land is improved for the purpose of increasing value. Good land becomes better.

This is where Coulee Land Company comes into the equation. Owner Mike Law understands the parameters, "First, you have to start out with good land, properties that fit the needs and goals of both buyer and seller. This is why I concentrate on some of the best land Wisconsin has to offer."

Coulee Land Company focuses on land in the western region of Wisconsin from the shore of Lake Superior to Wisconsin's southern border. This is known as "Bluff Country" along the Mississippi River. It should be noted this region encompasses the famed Buffalo County, known to experienced deer hunters as one of the best places in North America to find trophy whitetail bucks. In fact, Buffalo County dominates the whitetail entries in the Boone and Crockett Record Book. If you're looking for hunting property you can't find a better place than Buffalo County!

Coulee Land Company's focus may be hunting land, but Mike also deals with rural country home property, farm land, and riverfront or lakefront properties.

So, what about the proprietor, Mike Law? Well, this business is about credibility and there is plenty of that at Coulee Land Company. Mike Law has spent his life in the outdoors hunting and fishing and eventually turned it into a career as a videographer. That 16-year career has put him squarely in the middle of the hunting and land management world. He has spent time on some of the best hunting properties on the continent and learned from some of the most experienced landowners and hunters in the United States and Canada. This is "real" experience, not the social media "expertise" so prevalent today. When buying or selling land it is so important to work with a company built on the foundation of the significant experience of an outdoor professional like Mike Law.

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Buffalo County Hunting Land

Buffalo County, WI Hunting Land

With just under 700 acres of land, Buffalo County Wisconsin is not large in land mass, but the size and quantity of trophy bucks is extensive. The County consistently produces the largest quantity of record book whitetails in North America and is ranked #23 on the B & C for top 25 Counties, despite its small size.
The success of Buffalo County deer hunting can be attributed, in large part, to quality deer management. Land owners have taken pride in the reputation the area has earned world wide in producing trophy class fair chase whitetails. Other factors like hunting pressure, land management and soil type factor in to the Buffalo County hunting success.
If you are looking for a quality, free range whitetail deer hunting property in North America, Buffalo County should be #1 on your list!

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Hunting Land for Sale

Hunting Land for Sale Western Wisconsin

The river bluffs of Western Wisconsin hold some of the top hunting land in the nation. Many of the properties in this area overlook Lake Pepin, which offers breathtaking views.

Trempealeau County, Buffalo County, Pepin County, Pierce County, Dunn County, Prescott and surrounding communities offer prime habitat for trophy whitetails, turkeys and other game species.

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